Homogeneous coordinates

Did you know about homogeneous coordinates? I had to use them while programming something and it turns out they’re pretty interesting, at least for nerds like me. They are a mathematical concept for dealing with spaces that contain points at infinity, and have other useful properties. In fact, Euclidean spaces are a subset of homogeneous space. The train track above […]

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Euclidean zoning

When I first stumbled upon this blog post, the catchy title made me think of geometry and some cool application it might have to town planning. Instead, it turns out that “Euclidean” actually refers to the fact that the technique, presented in the blog post, originates from Euclid, Ohio. In any case, I was sufficiently piqued to keep reading. To […]

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Online Labbooks for Scientific Research

Over at my workplace, the Institute of Gravitational Research at the University of Glasgow, we undertake lots of experimental research (primary physics) and produce lots of data. For the most part, this data is saved on individuals’ computers (centrally backed up but only accessible to that user), a shared hard drive on the (Windows) network, or written in paper labbooks […]

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