Here is a short list of nice websites I've bookmarked over the years.

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Blogs and personal sites


  • Jonathan Westhues: a nice guide to typical electronic parts and things to watch out for, by Jonathan Westhues, who incidentally designed SolveSpace - an elegant, open source 3D CAD program.
  • Martin Harizanov: low power electronics, wireless communication, smart control.
  • JeeLabs: internet-of-things wireless modules for various sensor applications, including a comprehensive software stack


  • MaiZure's Projects: someone who, as a hobby, takes popular open source projects and describes their architecture.


  • Aaron Swartz: internet activist who wrote many interesting posts on a wide variety of topics.
  • John Owen: homemade electronics projects. Particular example: a weather station, designed from scratch.


  • Zonal Marking: football tactics in forensic detail.
  • The Swiss Ramble: a blog about finance and accounting in football. The author studies football club accounts in the context of player transfers, contracts and prize money and how this relates to results on the pitch.


Cool maps

  • Glasgow transport map, at least what Glasgow's transport could look like if it underwent massive reorganisation requiring great time, disruption and money.
  • Roman roads as a subway system: a nice piece of art.
  • Open Railway Map. It lists historical railways too, which is interesting especially in Scotland where many smaller towns once had connections to the main network up until the 1960s.


(Blogs I don't have categories for.)

  • Nibot: by "an engineer at a company that designs, builds, and tests airborne wind turbines -- flying contraptions that generate clean energy"
  • Tom Mahood: longform accounts by a man who goes on adventures to explore caves and solve mysteries. Particular highlight: Hunt for the Death Valley Germans.
  • Wait But Why: random, sometimes deep posts about life and decision making.
  • Unenumerated: "an unending variety of topics". Infrequent posts on the topics of finance, technology and history.
  • A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry: longform blog posts on historical topics.